Sunday, February 7, 2010

Steve Frykholm

I had two emotions when I found out that the posters we have been working on in Type 2 were going to be critiqued by Steve Frykholm; very nervous and extremely privileged. I hadn't really anticipated what it would be like (suppressing my anxiety), but I found both the lecture and critique to be everything (+) I would expect from someone who has produced the beautiful work and experienced a career like his.

  • Be more playful.
  • Learn who the judges are/what they like.
  • Don't direct...motivate!
  • As narrative becomes more and more important it puts a greater importance/emphasis on words.
  • What does your poster bring? Does it stand out? Is there a reason to look at it?
  • You don't need to say the same thing with image and type.
  • Give a question and not too much of an answer--let the viewer figure it out.

  • Find something that inspires you, gives you energy, live life.

His specific critique on my poster was that "An Apple a Day" headline was probably the first thing that (I) or anyone would think of in regards to a poster encouraging healthy habits. It is true. Green apple = symbol of health/eating healthy. The poster I hung in critique showed a cropped, view from above of my fruit-burger. I feel like this just shows the apple and the tomato and doesn't really show how ironic the green apple is and what it is replacing (hamburger buns). In addition to this, he said that using the theme of the contest was a good idea. I did more iterations that included the "Change One Thing" theme as well as using it completely as my heading. I went ahead and corrected the one I showed in class as well as the one in critique and added a few more iterations of another idea that my classmates thought I should expand on (i.e. the full view of the fruit-burger).

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