Friday, February 26, 2010

Icons: Morning Glory

Final Icons: Linear Process of Cup

The icon development process began with the creation of a title. After the group session, I decided to list objects for "Good Morning, Sunshine" (later changed to "Morning Glory"). With this theme, I thought of objects that facilitate an ideal morning. Once the objects were determined, the class began a broad image search in order to become more familiar with the chosen forms. Within this step, I chose to photograph , each of my objects in order to make a cohesive set of photographs. Looking back on this choice, I think that it was somewhat of an unnecessary step and discovered that my found images served their purpose better, specifically in regards to their semiotic categories. After the collection of images was formed and printed, translation of the objects into intuitive, intentional and linear simplification drawings began. From the successes of these, different forms and specific details were critiqued and put into further development within the parameters of ten specific categories. This encouraged playing with different approaches to rendering the objects. In the process of adding more objects, generation of five new categories were made. After this stage, one specific set was decided on and, from this, the final set was developed.

Questions of legibility, scale, cohesion and whether or not the icon is memorable or not, were asked and attempted to be answered with multiple rounds of iterations.

There are multiple areas in each icon that should be improved. First of all, one of the most important elements of my set is the shadow. Developing this as a more cohesive part of each still needs to be iterated further. In addition to this, craft obviously is still a big issue. Even after cleanup, I still feel like each icon isn't "clean". Also, the outline of each becomes too small when reduced and should be thickened. Overall, I am not very pleased with the outcome and still have a lot of work to do.

Intuitive, intentional and linear drawings:

Multiple rounds of iterations:
Final Icon

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  1. Work on some other titles. I prefer the original "Good Morning, Sunshine".

    While the set does have some craft and form issues to resolve, it has a nice sensibility - you should be pleased with the direction.