Sunday, February 21, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins: Brainstorm

Mapping & a few inspiration images:

My first option involves shooting the specific locations where these actions are committed. The images would not include any person(s) and should/will look empty. (i.e. Club/Bar = Lust, Living/Bedroom = Sloth, Fast Food Restaurant = Gluttony, Walmart Aisle = Greed, Car Dealership = Envy, Award Ceremony = Pride) Another direction would be capturing individual parts of the body that describe the action of the sins. (i.e. Pride = Nose). Both ideas involve an index of the sin and, if successfully carried out, should be apparent without actually capturing the action.

One of the main difficulties I foresee is not getting thrown out, "in trouble", or being forced to erase my memory card for photographing business locations. I think it may be worth it though. Also, photographing either inside or outside of the specific place. I will attempt at shooting inside first. If this isn't successful, the outside will have to be.

Andreas Gursky is so great! I had never heard of/seen his work. I like almost everything I've found so far. (Shown Below: 99 Cent)

Questions to ask myself:
  • Inside/Outside?
  • Angles/Straight on?
  • How can I manipulate (light, atmosphere, etc...) the given situation to make a cohesive set of photographs and to emphasize the theme?

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