Monday, February 1, 2010

Reading Response: The Design Process

With a lot of iterations in front of me, this reading's message serves as an answer to my question on how to improve my poster. The reading gives five specific areas that explain the design process; problem definition, information gathering, idea finding, and implementation. The first stage begins with clearly defining the problem and parameters. In the text, it states how this can depend on the client's articulation and the right amount of ideas. Gathering information is especially important because each fact brings another possible element or direction into the equation. Creating a list of questions, researching at a library, or consulting suppliers are recommendations for completion of this stage. This brings me to the stage I am currently at. After research and initial ideas I am ready to start opening the problem up to all possible solutions (allowing anything!). The reading also explained vertical (logical) and lateral (unexpected) methods of developing an idea. Within this, different methods include; brainstorming, incubation(coming back to your "black box" of ideas), notation (thumbnails!), synthesis (joining to opposing/diverse ideas) and ocular reconnaissance (the visual stimulation of looking) Finally, the process ends with the implementation of the best possible solution. (Shown: 3 different directions involving Healthy Habits. I've decided to continue with the fruit hamburger).

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