Sunday, March 28, 2010

Book Cover: Brainstorming

At this point of the process, I have four initial directions that I plan to pursue for my four books; The Woman's Book of Sleep, The Story of Tea, Workouts for Women, and Be a Healthy Woman. I have collected found images for each group but will work both with these as well as photographs of my own.
  1. Fabrics: To indicate and correspond with both femininity and the theme of each book (lace, pillowcase, spandex, floral muslin).
  2. Photograph Elements; Shadow, Steam, Sweat, Sunshine.
  3. Photographs of women in a natural environment shot within a similar frame.
  4. Contour/line drawings, taken from found images and refined, of different indicators for each book title.
Things to Consider:
  • Inclusion of my icons as an integral part of each design
  • Cohesive colors (especially as it relates to the colors of my icon set)
  • Dynamic, non-redundant symbols and how they relate to femininity and the theme each book

Mind Mapping of Different Directions/Ideas:

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