Sunday, March 28, 2010

Infographics: Mapping 01

The first round of mapping resulted in six rough ideas that need further development. Specifically in the area of showing Numerical Data in a clear and effective way. Of the six, the first example shown is the most successful. More refinement for Wednesday will hopefully result in more clarity as well as formal qualities that are missing in these compositions. Working on; "Leading the eye through and to different pieces of the data" and "Contextual relevance" as well as, "Integrating the statistical base of the data and verbal descriptions (Ex/ title)." In addition to this, I need to consider the form as it relates to the content and the inclusion of necessary elements. Also, integrating my icons into each composition in a way that does not seem like an afterthought or one that is not important to the communication of the data. With my Numerical Data, showing numbers in a cohesive set will connect the viewer with the information at a glance much more so than by confusing them with different sets of numbers.

Time Based:


Beginning Mind Map (classwork):

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