Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Final: 7 Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins:Accordion Style Book
Title Page


When starting the development process of representing the seven deadly sins, I was exposed to the photographer Andreas Gursky. Looking at his work was a big inspiration as I questioned how to photograph these cooperate locations in an visually interesting way. There were few elements that I was able to actually control within each environment, however, there were a number that I could actually work with. The elements I decided to include and manipulate included; time of day, symmetry, and composition/position within the frame. I wanted every photograph to remain absent (for the most part--although a in a few shots you are able to see them) of people--or at least not have them be the main focus of the photograph. This would enable the viewer to focus fully on the actual structure and business. Each image should be presented to the viewer in an environment in which the viewer could potentially commit one of the seven sins. The locations were all chosen as recognizable corporate locations if viewed from the eyes of a common American from the Midwest. With each shot, one could argue that all are interchangeable with each in regards to their assigned sin, but hopefully, I was able to choose locations in which the chosen sin is the most prominent. This project involved a lot of planning and gas, but I enjoyed conquering my fear of photographing in public places and feeling like a creeper in the middle of the street or parking lot. Although I would like the horizon line of Wrath and Greed to be cohesive with the other photographs, I am pleased with the overall concept and might want to expand on it someday.

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