Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Icons: Color Peer Edit

Good Morning, Sunshine

What My Colors should represent | Possible color choice
Happy | yellow, purple
Refreshing | blue
Bright, Sunny | yellow
Energetic, Enthusiastic | orange
Lively | yellow
Structured, Routine | brown
Diligent | blue
Welcoming | green, red
Peaceful | green, brown
Perfect | red, blue

After reviewing the connotations that should be represented in my color choices for my story, Taylor and I listed the connotations from the colors I had previously selected. From here, I realized that my all but 5 of my color choices were almost the opposite of what they should be to accurately represent my story. From this point, I need to create a completely new palette that is vibrant and cheerful.

Top Left:
  1. Cinnamon, warm, fall, cherry, romantic, sultry
  2. Pumpkin, fall, Halloween, burnt, natural, organic
  3. school, bright, sun, morning
Top Left Top:
  1. Cocoa, warm, creamy
  2. Calm, quiet
  3. Dark, depressed
Middle Left:
  1. Bright, happy, welcoming, wholesome
  2. Gross, dirty, mustard, worn
  3. Pleasant, peaceful, universal
Bottom Left:
  1. Foreign, unnoticeable, unattractive
  2. Depressing, sad
  3. Depressing, dark
Top Right:
  1. Bland, stainless
  2. Sterile, inactive
  3. Cool, hard, solid
Middle Right:
  1. Fluid, refreshing, clear
  2. Oceanic, dead
  3. Deep, calm
Bottom Right:
  1. Bright, energetic
  2. Dirty, warm
  3. Deep, cool, calming, cold
Bottom Right Bottom:
  1. Cute, little, warm, welcoming, summer
  2. Vibrant
  3. Wholesome
New Color Palette

The new color choices (shown left) have a better quality overall and more accurately represent the idea of my story. However, I feel that the way I have combined them within the icons still needs improvement. From these palettes, I need to select a more mature color combination to represent the character of my story.

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