Thursday, March 11, 2010

Saturday Morning: Icons with Final Color

After a few extreme changes in my color palette, I was finally able to develop one that accurately represented my story. The narrative includes a mature woman that is enjoying a leisurely morning--a "Saturday Morning." The warmer colors represent the sunshine and calm, while the blue brings in a refreshing cool (Although the final color will be a bit darker/more intense shade of blue). I am not sure why I had such a difficult time creating my color palettes and combination. The first few rounds resulted in words like "dull, depressing" and others that did not support my narrative accurately at all. With the goal of creating a more vibrant palette, I went almost the complete opposite direction that was better, but too far. Especially in regard to most of my color combinations. However, I really enjoy the blue, cream, and brown colors and with some further development I think they will work well both aesthetically and as a added representation of my story.
Each icon still needs refinement,specifically in the area of line weight, which should have been done previously to adding color (my goal over Spring Break). Also, the blue, in the monochromatic icon, does not work as well as the brown and will be taken out of the final set.

Shown Below: Linear Process of the weights icon

First round of color swatches:

Second round of color swatches:

First round of color combinations:

Third round of color swatches:

Second round of color combinations:

Icons with final color:

Shown Below: Another color palette attempt that proved unsuccessful

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