Thursday, March 11, 2010

Project 2: Billboards, Buses, Interstitial

Under Control
After the raw experimentation of type, looking at legibility and different degrees of manipulation, the studies have been refined and corrected to best suit their intended format. As four separate compositions, each one warns to viewer about specific, upcoming weather conditions while attempting at remaining cohesive (in aesthetic) as a set. Although there are two noticeable exceptions to my overall set (harsh texture vs. smooth, white text vs. black), each part contributes to the collection as a whole. My rule is defined by a small logo and Gill Sans Light text across the composition. It was a challenge to consciously place text in a noticeable way without stealing from the core idea of the poster in the type photograph. I balanced this issue of hierarchy with, not only consistency across each different "system", but also by enlarging the actual expressive type in each composition. Although it is placed in back, because of the scale it can be read with more impact than the abc logo or added text.

Here are examples of some of my process ideas:

Left logo, cut text + unused cloud

Billboard attempts using Gill Sans Light vs. Regular
Bus Attempt

\Untitled from Bethany Ediger on Vimeo.

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