Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NA Project 3: Detailed Narrative-Kibera TV: Building Blocks

For the first communication experiment, I decided to focus on the building block aspect of my poster in order to inform my audience about the community of Kibera (i.e. people/living conditions). Within that, I decided that the best channel for this specific area would be image. In order to keep the viewer interested, I wanted the project to be three-dimensional and interactive. Sometimes, it is difficult for me to take in a lot of still photographic information on a screen without becoming bored. With the blocks, the viewer can hold, turn and build. Each block contains four image panels. The full color photograph shows the living conditions of Kibera. It is easier to see the details in color. The other two panels are black and white photographs of the community; adults, teens, children. I wanted the viewer to be able to build their own narrative, which could be either linear or non-linear, as they recognize the need to build the community of Kibera.

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