Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NA Project 4: Detailed Narrative 2-Kibera TV: Fold-Out History

After giving my viewers an idea of the community of Kibera through image, I wanted to make sure that they understood how Kibera TV started. (After the "why" I gave a "how"). To do this, I decided the best channel would be text. My initial plan was to manipulate type (kinetic typography) in flash. However, after the Monday process critique, I felt that using printed material in an interesting layout could express the type in a similar way as well as demand viewer participation as they unfold the time line. The information is given in a linear narrative; "It all started in 2000 when the Hot Sun Foundation started working with the youth in Kibera, the largest slum in, Nairobi, which is located in Kenya, Africa. In 2009, the Hot Sun Foundation established the 6-week educational intensive Kibera Film School. Through all of this, the Hot Sun Foundation, along with the youth in the community produced, Kibera Kid in 2006 and Togetherness Supreme in 2010. Finally, in the year 2010, the first graduating class of the Kibera Film School launched a community channel called Kibera TV." To make the amount of information understandable to the viewer, I coded the dates and names with color and format to make them stand out and remain recognizable throughout the process.

Digital Logo Sketches:

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  1. here is how i'm reading these as a first reaction:

    top: the A is falling. why?

    middle: looks like a kid's block. not sure what that has to do with local news.

    bottom: t.v. that covers the city, or is about the city. a good idea, but i don't think their city looks like that. maybe in the central business district (?).

    since this is not a primary project, but something that will be used as content in a project, i would suggest finding the most important and simple idea to visualize. that way you can wrap it up without too much headache. right now, the third concept is the most clear or appropriate, but i don't think it's shown in quite the right way. how all might you be able to simply visualize the idea of kibera t.v. covering the city, or reporting on the city, or similar?