Friday, October 8, 2010

Mike McCoy Lecture

Prototyping! = ideas produced in 30 min or less
It is never just about the object, tell a story/experience
Start from the experience of the user (unlike airports, ER, a subway)

To research this use: activities environment, interaction, objects, users OR actors, activities, artifacts, atmosphere

Methods of research: video, shadow analyctical senarios (put into a storyboard, characters, etc...) create a profile for someone (be specific) to solve the problem, personal inventory (disposable camera), cognitive mapping (how do people imagine a space compared to how others imagine it or how it actually is), story telling (experiences with the products), immersie environments (put all relevant information up around you), zoom in on a tiny detail or zoom out on the whole world.

Ways of Trying: field prototyping (put into context & bring tools to change on site), acting out,

"Looking, Asking, Envisioning, Trying"

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