Thursday, October 7, 2010

Univers & Meridien: Final Layout

Even though the finished mailer is not absolutely where I wanted it to end, I learned a lot from the process. This was one of the most frustrating projects of the semester (so far) and still is...every time I look at it. I was really excited about the idea of the mailer but I didn't fully understand its purpose (or what I was going to do with it) until a few class periods into the project. After developing my full story, it started to take shape. The finished layout still does not feel very friendly or playful which should have supported the text. There is a lot of structure within the imagery (although I, thankfully, took out the architecture images). It was confusing for the viewer to decipher the story. Although I do like the final color choices, the overall layout should have supported my story in a better way. I included little surprises where the text changes from Meridien to Univers (which I enjoyed) and used the type to express the "personalities" of my characters. Hopefully, convincing the viewer that they were "meant for each other."

Meet Meridien: a sharp, striking woman with a quiet dignity

Meridien just got out of a bad relationship with Gill. (Their lives just ended up going different directions). Meridien needed space, to breathe. After months of nagging, Meridien decided to visit some of her old friends in the beautiful, Kansas City.

Meet Univers: a pragmatic man with a prolific career

Although business takes Univers all over the world, he likes to call Kansas City hom­e. Univers had many previous relationships but nothing just ever felt right. Univers concluded that he had no need for a companion and could stand-alone.

After showing her around the city, Meridien’s friends insisted she just had to meet their colleague declaring that she would “You will fall in love.” This was when Meridien met Univers. After an awkward introduction and small talk, both found that they worked in the book business and were multilingual. As Meridien exclaimed, “I would love to become more familiar with Kansas City.” Univers took the bait. He offered to show her around.

One thing led to another and Meridien decided to extend her visit.

Only one thing could be concluded:

Univers and Meridien were meant for each other.

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