Thursday, October 7, 2010

Package: Concepts

Product: Suebee's Honey

Mode: Pathos
  1. "Bee_____"
This idea uses different words to describe honey after the pun "bee". For example; bee whole, healthy, wild, sweet, bright, brilliant, alive, happy, tempted, indulged, etc...This uses imagery such as a be character, one iconic image of the word being described without text.
  • Sweet & Wild
Sweet and Wild uses two opposing ideas to describe the honey. At this point, I have experimented with using the unruly form of grass with something sweet, like a flower to surround the text in a frame. Also, using "bee tracks" to create the words.
  • Wild Honey
This idea uses imagery to describe the word "wild". A few ideas are using animal illustrations (or photographs) like a bear, lion, wolf, etc...In addition to this, it uses some of the wild imagery from the previous idea like wild greens, branches, twigs and other naturally wild forms.

Mode: Logos
  • Basic Honey/Only Honey/Pure Honey
This idea appeals to the fact that this is 100% pure honey. As a logos package, this idea contains minimal, but powerful imagery and/or text, that explains some of the process of collecting the honey (Ex/full-bleed strainer).
  • delightFULL/flavorFULL/wonderFULL
Using different methods of depicting a ruler, I want the viewer to be able to practically see how much flavor/delight/wonder is in the jar by using actual measurements.


10 Approaches For Each Mode With Taylor Pruitt:

  1. Wild & Sweet: Pick two items; show lips (one side with lipstick and the other side without) underwear (granny panties vs. lingerie) Using antithesis.
  2. Bee___: Layer all iconic images and type (mess with hierarchy)
  3. Hand Illustrations (ink & watercolor)
  4. Photography (make actual border)
  5. Use different materials like paper or yarn to impersonate grass/flowers
  6. Connect package border/frame to concept of design
  7. Show a paw (back side or another part of the animal) instead of showing the head of the animal
  8. Character Bee Illustrations
  9. Show one object that uses the word (Ex/ bee___(sweet) by showing a piece of candy) and cut it out of the package so that the honey shows through the object [use for the pure idea also]
  10. Handwritten type
  1. Use honeycomb to split up measurements on the ruler
  2. Use stitching of the bees "tracks" to show text
  3. Write with honey and stick something to it to make text (seeds, grass) also goes to "Wild Honey" idea
  4. handwritten type for basic honey
  5. Rubbing of honeycomb, strainer, etc...
  6. Photography
  7. Menu Board: write in chalk (Aunt Sue's Special)
  8. Red stripes, blue stars (home-grown, produced in the USA)
  9. Shape full-bleed object photograph in a honeycomb cut-out frame
  10. Put actual textures that you can feel onto package
  1. Change to "Your" Aunt Sue's Honey
  2. Home-grown, produced in the USA emphasize through color/composition
  3. Use establishment date in vintage style package
  4. Use signature
  5. Writing and showing "natural"
  6. Show characteristics of how it is natural/pure/raw--the process of collecting the honey
  7. Use repetition to create pattern
  8. List health benefits of eating honey
  9. Show a group of "peers" having a good time and eating honey as they "recommend it"
  10. Use an animal (i.e. bears, lions) to recommend the honey

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