Monday, February 7, 2011

Avid Hikers: Research & Analysis 02

Trying to figure out Task Analysis:

More Research: Interviews

1. What is your computer desktop background?background currently is the mountains in patagonia, Chile

2. Are there any posters or photos hanging in your room or on your fridge that stand out to you?I currently don't have any posters up

3. What is your favorite brand of hiking or sporting gear?
favorite brand would probably be arc'teryx

I a trail enthusiast: I don't go off-trail (backpacking) but like hiking, snowshoeing, biking and kayakingHorseshoe bend overlook in Arizona and the mission/garden at San Juan CapistranoMoonstone State Beach in CANot loyal to any one store. I like thrift shops and target, outlets, etc.
I am in two different groups so I'll try to answer for both. For the Women's Outdoor Recreation club, the members joining are all ages, but it is the middle-aged people who have the most free time to attend activities (35-65). Younger audience is busy with career, children, paying for homes and cars. They seem less interested in anything "physical" and more interested in the social. I'd say half are single and half are married.

For the Kansas City Outdoor Club, it is definitely an older audience: age 40 plus. KCOC is mostly single females. Many are grandparents, few still have children at home.

For both groups, they appear to be educated with successful careers. Many are even at Director levels. No one field seems to be highly represented. Very diverse in terms of careers, economic level, field of study. The only repetition that I see is that KCOC has maybe 20% in education and medical, but that includes school counselors, school nurses, administrators, etc. and nursing/medical. It's interesting to note that neither group has ethnic diversity (although more in the women's group than KCOC)

As a traveler, I see international groups in the parks, but no black people, few hispanics. But, the truth is that you see very few people on the trails at all -- just on the overlooks and visitor centers.

Club member hobbies: oddly enough we have several people who are in to dancing. There is a subset of about 30 members who will allocate the bulk of their budget and time to traveling as opposed to staying closer to home and camping, visiting local trails, etc. They also enjoy movies, ballet, jazz, art galleries, lectures, reading, etc.

Here is a link to our most current newsletter:

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