Monday, April 4, 2011

Reading Response: It is beautiful...then gone

Martin Venezky explains his creation of the Reebok's sports imagery as a dissatisfaction of what sports identities had previously been. He was "unnerved" by the rich content that was available to him. This led to the use of abstraction as a base for the creation of the new look of Reebok.

With the Sundance film festival, the tasks were split between those working in the office. They would all produce individual investigations that would be compared at the end of a certain time. In that, many found that the most useful creations came from the unexpected. This became a stage for setting many different pieces around the same theme by addressing the small details and providing a cohesive brand.

This helps as I proceed with my experiments to look at what I find dis-satisfactory about my trend and develop a new methods of exploring that idea. Since I do not know how these experiments will actually end up, it is encouraging to note that some of the best creations can be the most successful and interesting creations.

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