Sunday, August 28, 2011

Notes from Reading

  1. Conducting Research
    Clarify vision, strategies, goals and values
    Research stakeholder's needs and perceptions
    Conduct marketing, competitive, technology, legal and language
    Interview key management
    Evaluate existing brands and brand architecture
    Present audit readout

    This includes qualitative (gathering perspectives through interviews, focus groups, ethnography, mystery shopping) and quantitative research (online surveys, usability testing, product testing, eye tracking, segmentation, equity tracking, syndicated data and market structure)

    Value statement
    Value proposition
    Organizational chart
    Strategic planning documents
    Business plans
    Marketing plans
    Annual reports
    Existing marketing research
    Cultural assessments
    Employee surveys
    CEO speeches
    Press releases
    News clippings
    Intranet access

  2. Clarifying Strategy
    Synthesize learnings
    Clarify brand strategy
    Develop a positioning platform
    Co-create brand attributes
    Write a brand brief
    Achieve agreement
    Create a naming strategy
    Develop key messages
    Write a creative brief
  3. Designing Identity
    Visualize the future
    Brainstorm big idea
    Design brand identity
    Explore applications
    Finalize brand design architecture
    Present visual strategy
    Achieve agreement
  4. Creating Touchpoints
    Finalize idenity design
    Develop look and feel
    Initiate trademark protection
    Prioritize and design applicaions
    Design program
    Apply brand architecture
  5. Managing Assets
    Build synergy around the new brand
    Develop launch strategy and plan
    Launch internally first
    Launch externally
    Develop standards and guidelines
    Nurture brand champions

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