Saturday, October 8, 2011

MX: 3D Sketching

#1 is modeled after the idea of immersion across screens. The back dots represent the teachers/facilitators of the classroom, backing up the students and teaching them. The other dots represent the other classmates in the room that are also learning a foreign language. The yellow dot at the top of the model is the end goal, to learn a foreign language, and the bright idea when the student's succeed at learning. The purple dots represent the ideas being formed and learning taking place throughout the experience.
#2 shows the process of logging into the program. The first login page leads the user to choose between teacher or parent and meet together (in the end) with one particular student's information page (the large marshmallow). The three smaller marshmallows show the student's progress through date, game and score.
#3 visualizes the simulation of immersion that our program tries to achieve. The two balloons show the two students connected (yellow pipe cleaners) and the curly ribbon shows their communication back and forth. The light, mesh fabric between them shows that there is still a barrier between them (the "screen") but it is gradually disappearing as they continue to learn together.

After choosing an idea to visualize, it was a lot of fun to try and use the available materials to explore how the language program will work. After the first one, I began to understand the exercise and was able to make make some interesting discoveries. Specifically, the structure of how the American classroom with the Spanish classroom and showing how their collaborative communication has one end goal.

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