Wednesday, April 11, 2012

KCAI Way-finding: Concept 01

Ian and I would like to delineate the space through hierarchy of the buildings; 1) numbers 2) Name/Address and 3) icons for building purpose. The numbers will be a system for identifying the locations in case the purpose of the buildings change (as they always do). The name and address are a secondary way-finding clue for each location. The address will be used for those buildings that do not have a specific name. The icons will be the smallest hierarchical point for identifying the buildings so that they will be easy to replace in case of building purpose change. These will be used in both flat and three-dimensional forms.

This simplified number and icon system will be used to identify through directionals and identification both on the interior and exterior.

Our plan is to stay consistent with the existing brand as much as possible. We are not trying to change the identity in any way—just how it is used. This means we will be using the existing colors and fabrication materials. Our goal is to take the initial purpose of the brand (artistic spirit, energy and activity) and put our own impression of what this actually means. We would like to make special use of large-scale dimensional and graphic forms on and around the buildings

We have programmed the outside space:

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