Saturday, September 5, 2009

Delineation and Scale

The first portion of this assignment was the traditional set of drawings that explored line quality, line weight, multi-view drawings and drawing to scale. Given the dimensions, we were to draw each on bristol employing a T-square, Triangle, Eraser shield, Architect's Scale, tracing paper etc...(This assignment also included two pages of horizontal/vertical and diagonal 45/60 lines which I did not include in this post). The orthographic view of the file cabinet was drawn on a 1'' = 1'-0 scale using the file cabinet that sits beside my studio desk. It took me awhile to perfect each of the drawings and I kept making mistakes along the way but I am glad I was finally able to finish them today (in the center of the page) with each view in the right position. The images at the bottom of this post were Illustrator exercises using the pen tool after the in-class demo. Becoming more familiar with Illustrator, our next set will include vector versions of all six of the traditional drawings shown here. (Note: These are scans of my final drawings)

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  1. Great delivery! The details included make it easy to see you are processing and interpreting the concepts! Great Post!