Saturday, September 5, 2009

Perfect Painting

In order to first draw the "scaffolding" of my given Bodoni letterform, I determined the other dimensions of the letter by making the x-height 6" tall in order to enlarge my "r" by 200%. Drawing this out lightly on the final piece of bristol in pencil, I calculated each section of the letter (shown in the upside-down "r" photograph) and from the guide lines, connected the points and sketched the curves. From here, I filled in the sketch with black gouache, correcting mistakes with white gouache as needed to ensure proper angles and straight lines. I really enjoyed the precise nature of this assignment but found the more I worked with the white gouache the more mistakes (such as adding too much water paired with not enough drying time, resulting in gray) I ended up having to correct. After critique, I corrected the angle on the stem that appeared to be too exaggerated and then compared the finished "r" with a large printed version of my letterform. Much to my relief, it was almost exact!

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