Saturday, October 3, 2009

Line Exploration & Photo Safari

Taking our straight line studies from last week, the class explored creating curves and diagonals through the use of projectors, the photocopier and scans. Using different techniques, Ian and I collaboratively manipulated our individual line studies in an effort to create dynamic and fluid compositions that depict movement, scale, bending, and distance. At the same time, furthering the three variables of balance/regularity, progression, and random within different compositions.

Going into the environment of Kansas City, the class was assigned to document line intervals through photographs of public, visitable sites throughout the city. We were to approach the photographs within the categories of regular, progressive, random and stable, reversible, and ambiguous as they naturally exist. These photographs are to be paired with straight, combined, curved and diagonal lines studies that we have explored this past week. The studies will be matched with photographs, simplified and refined into clear compositions this next week.

(Shown: Examples of curved and diagonal combined line studies, photograph pair proposals)

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