Saturday, February 13, 2010


These are not at all where I want them to be but I am having difficulty troubleshooting the problem. Input would really be appreciated. I want to show the concept of the "fruitburger" (ideally by showing the whole image or one where it is recognizable). The critique on Friday referred me back to a basic arrangement that I had tried in the first round of iterations. These are screen shots of my works-in-progress. Help!


  1. i think the versions you posted on feb 12 are potentially more compelling? see my post.

  2. I really think the lower right version communicates with the most immediacy, one of the main tasks in poster design. The apple feels a bit crowded. Try reducing the scale a bit. Big Difference could be all green and, maybe, bolder. "Visit" is unnecessary at the bottom.

    If you want to work on the framed version, it should be a part of the lower band in the dark grey, there's to much going on at the bottom. The small copy could come out of the frame into the image field.