Friday, October 29, 2010

Package: Final Design

For the logos mode of appeal, I wanted the viewer to recognize, with complete clarity, that the product was 100% pure, raw honey. In this, I also wanted them to be able to comprehend this in a visual way and not rely solely on the text to explain itself. To do this, I used the 100% as more of an element in the design by cutting out the inside and allowing the viewer to see the honey inside the container. The cut-out gives the consumer a transparent view of the honey to reinforce the fact that it is untainted, raw honey ("you see what you get"). The words "Raw Honey" give solid, factual information about the product in clear, bold text.

Using the pathos mode of appeal, I attempted to create a scene and evoke an emotion from the viewer by creating personified bee characters. Using this mode of appeal, I wanted the viewer to feel the light-hearted emotion of the bee character as they referenced the words that describe the honey; tempted (honey tastes good), brilliant (honey is a smart choice), ecstatic (one should be enthusiastic and excited about eating honey), and healthy (honey has many health benefits).
The process began with a series of thumbnails. I chose three products; pine-sol, Suebee Honey, and Krinos Pepperoncinis. These thumbnails developed different methods of illustrating the two modes of appeal that were not used in the original package. After this point, the process continued with one product and a additional detailed sketches that worked with both modes of appeal. I decided on five directions to pursue and began to develop digital sketches and rendering methods. After this, I chose two final directions; 100% Raw Honey for logos and Bee"_____" with a bee character for pathos.

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