Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ivanhoe: Clarify Problem

Taylor, Kelsey and I have decided to combine the idea of establishing a community center for the youth that all ages have the opportunity of using + forming a pop-up. Because we will have a large group, we wanted to tackle a large problem which will include; promoting training programs, youth activities, etc...

Community Center (for the Youth)
I found a few different plans for establishing a new community center:
  1. "Can-do" attitude
  2. Business Plan
  3. Identify those in community that support the goal
  4. Establish relationships with officials in the local government
  5. Create a network. Contact existing non-profits that serve multiple socioeconomic purposes (jobs, health, housing, etc.) in community
  6. Secure private sector sources of funding (federal, state and private patrons/corporations)
  • Form a board of directors
  • Sell the purpose of the mission
  • Choose a great facility (house?)
  • Find volunteers
  • Establish hours + staff + restrictions
  • Activities (Ex/ training programs, community service)
  • Insurance
  • Support Letters
  1. Apply for non-profit status
  2. Develop a mission statement
  3. Set long-term goals
  4. Establish structure and membership criteria
  5. Adopt by-laws
  6. Produce and distribute information
  7. Get initial contributions
  8. Set fund-raising strategies
  9. Plan project campaigns, targeted solicitations, and mail campaigns
Possible Activities:
Training programs
Youth activities

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